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The National Council for Metal Detecting was formed in 1981

It is a voice for metal detectorists, giving guidance and information,

and provides insurance cover for its members

 The NCMD can be found at  www.ncmd.co.uk

Useful Books and Maps

A selection of metal detecting books, written by the chairman of the club David Villanueva, can be found at the following address


The Portable Antiques Scheme, operational since 1997,

 is and organization where the public of England and Wales

can voluntarily record any archaeological objects they have found

 The website includes a very good database of finds

The PAS can be found at www.finds.org.uk  

The Treasure Act, compiled in 1996,

 can be viewed at either of the above websites

Finds Liaison Officers work with the public to record finds

The metal detecting club is allocated a finds liaison officer who is scheduled to attend the club meeting once a year to record any interesting finds

The Kent FLO is Jo Ahmed


phone 03000 410053

The Crown Estates give permissive rights to metal detect on their foreshore. Information and permits can be obtained through the NCMD

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