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monthly finds


swale search & recovery club



(Formerly the Isle of Sheppey Metal Detecting Society)


The Club will elect a committee annually to consist of at least a Chairperson and a Treasurer. Other positions available include: Vice chairperson, Sites officer, Finds officer, Website Administrator & Public Relations officer and Raffle Organiser.


The Club will normally hold meetings on the first Thursday of the month.


The Club reserves the right, at its discretion, to refuse or offer membership. Membership will only be offered to applicants who have attended at least two Club meetings. The limit on membership is 50 members.


The annual membership fee is 10 plus 1 donation to LEGISE (Landscape Explorers Group in South East). Members joining after June pay 5 plus 1 LEGISE. Associate membership is available to junior (under 16) members and non-detector owners for payment of a reduced annual fee of 5. For each meeting attended a fee of 2 per head is charged to cover room hire. Annual fees must be paid up by the next meeting following the AGM.


Money raised through Club fees, raffles and other events will go to the Club Funds. This will fund the general running of the Club. The balance will fund Club rallies, barbeques and other functions held for the membership at no additional cost to the membership (where Club funds allow). Membership fees must be fully paid up to qualify for attendance at all Club functions.


The Club refuses to accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury suffered by or caused by any Club member whilst on a Club site or any other.


No member may venture onto a Club site without first giving the Site officer and site owner prior notice as and when required.


Membership will be withdrawn of any member who, it is felt, by the committee, has brought the Club or hobby into disrepute.


The Club expects the membership to help with its activities when reasonably requested to do so.


All club members must possess public liability insurance at a suitable level of cover provided by the AMDS (Association for Metal Detecting Sport) or other recognized body (e.g. NCMD). To this end, the Club will supply annual membership of the AMDS for a fee of 5. on request, for members current at 1st December. Members not taking AMDS membership through the Club will need to make their own arrangements and supply their membership number to the Treasurer at the earliest opportunity.


When voting on issues raised at meetings, no less than 50% of members must be present to constitute a quorum. Any changes to the Club Constitution must be discussed and voted on only at an AGM or EGM. Not less than 10 fully paid up members are required to call an EGM.


Only Club members and invited, insured detectorists are allowed on Club sites.


All members must follow the Code of Practice for Responsible Metal Detecting in England and Wales.


In the event of the Club being wound up, all surplus cash in hand will be distributed equally between paid-up full members at the time. Any valuable assets will be sold and the proceeds will be distributed likewise.


Revised and updated October 2022