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The Swale Search and Recovery club will have been in existence for 38 years this year,

originally formed as the Isle of Sheppey Metal Detecting Society. As usual there will be a special prize awarded to any club member who can find an artefact relating to the traditional 38th anniversary traditional gifts. Details of this award can be found on the Gallery page. 

Club meetings are held at The Hastings Arms in Gillingham, Kent on the 1st Thursday of the month.

Our club members come with all levels of ability and experience in the hobby and are happy to welcome newcomers. 

In addition to regular club meetings we attend rallies, some of which are small events on our own club land.


Any prospective members wishing to join the club may be asked to enroll on the waiting list

As a member you will also be enrolled as a member of the AMDS (Association for Metal Detecting Sport )


Club members are invited to come forward with relevant ideas to celebrate throughout the year.


We offer a FREE search and recover service for all those lost rings, keys, farm implements,

man-holes etc. providing your lost item is within a reasonable geographic distance.



Some of the club members Time piece Finds

monthly finds


swale search & recovery club